Welcome to the AvatarTracker. This page briefly explains how to read the Avatartracker and use it to your benefit.

Color Coding

World: World 99 is green, other worls are orange, and the Citadel is grey.

Last Updated: This indicates the number of minutes or hours that have passed since the specific avatar was updated. For any time under one hour, the number is highlighted with green, between 1-3 hours is orange and lastly, over 3 hours is red, but even after 3 hours, the AvatarTracker may still be up-to-date.

Bank: If the avatar is stationed at a bank, Yes will be shown; otherwise, No will appear.

Dismissed: When an avatar is dismissed, the dismiss badge will be shown in red with the exception of time, if it was updated recently.

Avatar ID

The image below can be used to match up the avatars to their ID in the AvatarTracker.